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Dream High Behind The Scene!

9 Oct

Taecyeon was so cute~ Suzy and Eun Jung were cute in this video too~ The part where Eun Jung and Suzy ended up playing the ‘hi-5’ game. LOL!¬†There’s one part in this video where Wooyoung did the ‘jelly’ leg dance and when Wooyoung and IU was at the karaoke, Wooyoung dance like a crazy dude! LMAO!!!

Sorry for only posting 1 videos. I have to stop using the Internet in a few hours time. And I have to practice the Dream High dance~Sorry again~

Taecyeon got pranked!

9 Oct

LOL!!! Pity Taecyeon! The whole 2PM members were setting a prank on him! LMAO!! Jay Bom kept hitting Taecyeon with the fan! And Chansung licked Taecyeon’s arm! LOLOLOL!¬†Poor Taecyeon got pranked. ><

2PM’s Hands Up Album!

28 Aug

Hand Up Teaser :

Songs :


Give It To Me

Hands Up (East4A mix)

Hands Up

Signing Event For Hottest :

Hands Up Making Video in Singapore :

Part 1

Part 2

Wooyoung’s Birthday

PR Video For Hottest :


Photo Gallery :