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21082011 Sad Day!

21 Aug

I thought my mom would agree to let me go learn dancing if I ask ‘J’ to help me ask my mom but I guess it didn’t work. 😦 I was super excited. I woke up early, get ready my stuff, and change my clothes. But in the end, she said “NO!”. She started saying it’s too dangerous and the road there is very quiet and people might rape you. She’s giving all kinds of excuses. So of course I’m angry right. Cause I get excited for nothing. And the worst thing was, ‘J’ came all the way to my house and ended up listening to me get scolded, and didn’t went to the dancing class. Why don’t my mom learn driving. It would be so much easier. Haih…I don’t get to learn dancing now. But I’ll never give up. If ‘J’s grandma could fetch, I’m seriously gonna go learn already. If she dare to freaking give all kinds of reason again, I’m so gonna ignore her! >< I’ll try to start it next month. But me and ‘J’ gotta catch up because they learn quite far already and… ‘N’ wasn’t angry at all! 🙂 It was so surprising. I feel so lazy to go to school tomorrow.. @.@ And I cried just now because of the dancing thing. +.+ Now I’m trying to grow slim first before I learn dancing and do a lot of stretching to grow taller. 🙂


This was the outfit I wanted to wear to the dancing class.

I was bored so I tried on this outfit. 🙂


Eun Hyun. 

20082011 Lazing Day!

20 Aug

Okay. So today, i feel so bored and lazy. I called the dancing class just now –> The Cat Studio. It’s the nearest dancing class and also the one ‘N’ is going now. When I called, they said the dancing class wasn’t full. That means ‘N’ doesn’t want me to go. That’s why she lied. But she can just tell me the truth right..sheessh..I can either take the dancing class on Tuesday at 8.45 pm or Sunday at 12.30 pm. ‘N’ go the one on Sunday. I’m trying to prevent from seeing her there. The only day I’m free is on Sunday as well. So now I don’t know what to do. I called ‘C’ to ask for her opinion because ‘C’ is really close to ‘N’. Haih..looks like I just have to confront her. She would definitely dislike me after I tell her that. She might go around telling people that I copied her and then they will start hating me. ‘W’ ask me to just go there cause the dancing class doesn’t belongs to her. But how? I need someone to tell me what to do. HAIH.. >.> I don’t wanna lose a friend. 😦 But I really wanna go. I asked ‘The Cat Studio’ if they can change time but still have it on Sunday, the woman said she’ll call me back. So now I’m still waiting for her to call but I wonder if she’ll ever call back…And btw, I’ll be going with ‘J’ for the dancing class.


Eun Hyun.

17082011 Was a one-day-public-holiday.

18 Aug

Today, I went out with ‘J’ and her mom and lil bro. We went QueensBay. We ate at Secret Recipe. Next, me and ‘J’ shopped at Padini and Brands Outlet for clothes. We didn’t bought any of the clothes but we try them on in the fitting room. After shopping, we went in the cinema to watch ‘Zookeeper’. It’s a very fun and tiring day. Here’s some pictures:

And yea..i wear specs >.<


I’m the one with da jacket. I know I’m fat… i’m not as thin as my friends….. :/