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26 Nov

Okay,…I have a crush on someone in church AGAIN! LOL! He’s so much better than the one I like before. At least he’s not a playboy -.- It was raining heavily just now. I took the umbrella and walk with ‘JO’ to church. I put the umbrella outside the church because it’s still a little wet. When the church service is over, I went home with my ex-tuition teacher. The minute I reach home, I realized I forgot to take my umbrella! So, I walk to the church with my grandma cause my parents aren’t at home (FYI, it’s at night so my ex-tuition teacher thinks it’s dangerous for me to walk home and so she fetch me home everytime after church service). When I reached the church, I suppose nobody will be there because it’s already almost 11pm. And it’s really embarassing because I forgot about my umbrella and walk all the way back there to take it. >< I told my grandma to wait and I went up to take the umbrella. Shockingly, HE was there!!! *_* At the same time, I’m happy~ ^.^ He asked me, “You haven’t go back ar?” Then I just smile. And take my umbrella. I’m blushing that time so I don’t dare to look at him. >///<  Then he asked, “You walking back?” then I answer “Yes”. I was hoping him to ask, “Do you want me to walk you back” or something like that… but he didn’t ;__: Anyway, so I walk down and walk back with my grandma. I’m not sure am I suppose to be happy or sad~ Haih,..even if he wanna walk me back, my grandma is there. LOL. The past 4 days, me and ‘JO’ have been stalking him. HEHE! xD We found out where he stay~ wheeee~ But still,…I’m not pretty….so impossible he’ll like me… ‘S’ said if it’s the guy who confess to you, he’ll like you more. And if you(girls) confess to guy, they won’t fully accept your love unless they like you as well. I guess he treats me like a normal friend and I’m just thinking too much…He have a girlfriend but I’m not sure if they’re still together cause they don’t seem to talk to each other in church. o.o What should I do?? Everytime I like a guy, they won’t like me back. And I don’t think they even know I like them~ 😥 Not like ‘C’…she have ‘D’ but they broke up already because ‘C’ don’t trust him and think it’s just a puppy love~ -.- She just don’t know how to appreciate~ WHAT SHOULD I DO?? If I confess, and he don’t accept my love, then it’ll be more worse. I’ll end up feeling really awkward with him………………………………….haih~~~~~~~ It’s okay,…….I have faith in God. If I have fate with him, we’ll sure be together someday. I’ll follow God’s will~ 🙂

20092011 Can’t wait to tell!

20 Sep

Urghh, I don’t know where to start. LOL!

15 Sep 2011 : (THU)

‘C’ came over to overnight at my house. I walked to my old house to take letters. Then I waited for her at the mini mart. We walked together to my house.(p.s she live quite near my house).  She planned to overnight at my house until Sunday because her mom will be coming back from KL on Monday.

16 Sep 2011 : (FRI)

I felt so embarass and awkward at the same time because I was late for the Girl Guides event. When I went in the class, everyone stared at me. o.o  ‘C’ went to see ‘D’ in the afternoon when I’m in school for some Girl Guides event.  They started texting each other on Wednesday. They planned to keep their relationship as a secret. ‘C’ told me they happen to met each other when she was on her way to her house (p.s her apartment is opposite his house). When I came back from the Girl Guides event, we went to eat a dessert at a stall  by the roadside. We saw one of the church member buying some porridge.  I wanted to walk back to my old house to play with the exercising equipment. But we were so bored, so we went to visit ‘D’ house. ‘C’ texted him and asked him to look out the window. He did and I was like standing there LOL.  After seeing him, ‘C’ and me went to my old house (which is kinda opposite his house). He came to find us. It was really awkward! I asked him if he love ‘C’ and he said “Yes,I do.” Then after that I ran away and waited at a bus stop nearby so they could have their date. I went to find them and then me and ‘C’ walked home to my house.

17 Sep 2011 : (SAT)

Today, I have to go to the Girl Guides event again. I canceled my home tuition again because of this Girl Guides event. But don’t know why it’s suppose to end at 6 pm but the teachers allowed us to go back at 3 pm. So, I don’t really want tuition. I hang out at the playground near my house until 5 pm with ‘JO’. We bought ice cream to eat and I bring ‘JO’ to visit ‘D’s house. ‘JO’s mom fetched her back at 5.30 pm. And I’m suppose to have guitar class at church but I skipped.  At night, I was too tired to go church. So, I stayed at home. ‘JO’ called me after the church service and told me that she heard from ‘S’ (‘C’ told ‘S’) that ‘D’ and ‘C’ holded hands when I was at the Girl Guides event. When I asked ‘C’ if it’s true, she told me “No”. I believed her.

18 Sep 2011 : (SUN)

This morning, ‘C’ at last told me the truth. She did hold hands with ‘D’ and ‘D’ hugged her from behind. ‘W’, ‘C’ and me was planning to go QB (a shopping mall). Most of the time, we count on a private car uncle to fetch us out. When ‘C’ opened the car door and looked inside, she was so shocked. When I looked inside, I was shocked as well! ‘D’ know the uncle also. ‘D’ was sitting in the car. He was actually back from Gurney. But somehow he waited in the car to see if the person the uncle describe is ‘C’. Then ‘D’ changed his mind and followed us to QB. ‘W’ didn’t manage to come QB because her mom doesn’t alllow. So I feel so awkward there. It’s like I’m always there blocking them dating. Somehow. At night, I told ‘C’ the truth. I told her I USED to like ‘D’. After going out with him today, I don’t have any feelings towards him anymore. Maybe he’s just not my type of guy and I think I only like him because of his look. 🙂

19 Sep 2011 : (MON)

My dad fetched ‘C’ and me to school after putting her stuff at her own house. And ya, she overnighted until today. ‘C’ lefted her handphone at my house. So, I ask her to overnight another night because her mom would be back tomorrow evening. And she was really sick. She kept hiding under the blanket.

20 Sep 2011 : (TUE)

‘C’ woke me up and told me ‘S’s facebook account got hacked. The hacker wrote bad stuff on the status and tagged me and some of my friends using ‘S’s account. I was so mad I commented bad stuff back. ‘S’ doesn’t know anything because she didn’t on her facebook. I suspected that her ex-boyfriend was the one who’s behind all this because ‘S’ let him know her password and also he’s trying to get revenge because ‘S’ broke up with him yesterday. ‘JO’ came to my house and then ‘JO’,’C’ and me walked to school. Here’s a picture of the comments I wrote and the status the hacker wrote.

sorry if you can’t read anything! ><



Eun Hyun

13092011 Annoyed Day………..

13 Sep

The whole freaking day, ‘C’ kept asking me, “Do you like ‘D’??”. And obviously I say “No.” (eventhough I really like him 😦 )Then she asked ‘W’ to ask me as well. I mean I already say “No”, so why the hell she keep asking and hoping I say “Yes”. Even if I say “Yes”, it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s not like she will stop liking him or something,right..? Grrr..I was super annoyed by her.

On our way to the bus, she kept pulling my bag. I asked her not to pull my bag,but she doesn’t wanna listen. So I got really mad. I left ‘G’,’JO’ and ‘C’ behind and walked to the bus. And I bet ‘C’ must have told ‘G’ and ‘JO’ that I got angry because she kept asking. And most probably they believe her and thinks I always get angry for no reason. Ya, I know, whatever I say,nobody believes. ‘C’ is always right, I’m always wrong. She’s always the innocent one,I’m always the bad one.

She shout in the bus saying that I’m angry. But when they ask why I’m angry, she don’t wanna say. That’s why she’s always “the innocent one”.I always gets angry for no reason. I LOVE GETTING ANGRY. I gets angry eventhough nobody make me angry. (being sarcastic) Very funny. She just don’t wanna admit that I got angry because of her.When I came home, I cried. Then quickly took my handphone to tweet~ It makes me felt so much better after letting out my anger.

Eun Hyun

10092011 Breaking Dawn~

10 Sep

GAHHH!!! I’ve just watch the Twilight:Breaking Dawn trailer. I can’t wait to watch. But it’s gonna be the last Twilight show. 😦 Whee~ I wonder what will happen to Jacob. He is so hawwttt!!! Taylor Lautner is hawwwttt! ><

Today, I was suppose to go see the Kpop Talent Contest but…things didn’t work out well for me. I didn’t manage to wake up in time. I was suppose to wake up at 10 am but I ended up waking up at 1 pm -.- And also I was suppose to have tuition at 4 pm. So since I only can spend 3 hours there, I planned not to go. At the very last minute, my mom told me that there won’t be any tuition today. So I’m like really really depressss………….cause I could have gone to the Kpop Talent Contest.

At churh today, ‘JO’ and me were assigned to be in-charge for games and worships next week. I seriously have no idea what games to play and what song to sing. Then, ‘D’ wanted to walk ‘C’ home from church after church service because ‘C’ stayed really near. I feel…..so saddd…..I don’t think he would do that for me. Until now, I’m not really close to him and ‘C’ is like so close to him already until he wants to walk her home. Haihhh…what to do…maybe it’s fated already. I’m not mean to be with him. In the end, ‘C’ followed me home. My ex-tuition teacher fetched us home.

I’m thinking what should I do to upgrade my another blog. @.@ I need to make it more views. By the way, my another blog is all about KPOP!This blog is for me to write about my private stuff and a lil KPOP news with my comments. (p.s My friends doesn’t know about this blog. xD)


Eun Hyun 

09092011 Laughing Day!

9 Sep

WooHoo..~ Today is 09/09. Double nine. No wonder it’s a good day to me. ‘V’, ‘G’, ‘JO’and ‘C’ came to my house in the afternoon before we walk to school. ‘S’ wanted to come also but it was raining and she’s walking to my house. So, she didn’t manage to come. We were a little late for school today because ‘V’ and ‘G’ are taking video of themselves to their band fans. Which took them really long, like 45 minutes but in the end, there’s no perfect one. LOL. Then on our way to school, we stopped at a coffee shop (as usual) to eat chicken rice cause’ the chicken rice is super yummy~

In school, I kept laughing non-stop today. I don’t know why I’m so hyper. ‘G’ and ‘JO’ kept doing funny stuff that makes me laugh my ass off. ‘C’ followed me down the bus today after school to go tuition with me. We started the tuition today. The tuition teachers are okay but the students are not. There’s 3 people we-don’t-know there with us. The tuition was really quiet. Nobody answered when the teachers asked questions. -.- Then I walked home with ‘C’. Then her mom came to my house to fetch her.

Eun Hyun 

03092011 Normal Day?

3 Sep

I woke up at 8:30 am this morning. I get ready in 45 minutes then I walked to the church (p.s it’s near my house). When I reached, I saw ‘JO’, so I went to her. Then ‘C’ called and ask us to wait for her before going in because she’s scare to go in the church (p.s it’s actually because she needs someone to accompany her so that people won’t think she’s lonely). So when she came, she started crapping bout’ a girl she admired at a restaurant.

At 11 am, we reached the port where the Logos Hope ship ported. ‘S’,’C’,’JO’,’D’,Pastor and his family and some other people I don’t know were in the same group for the tour. ‘C’ was so excited when she found out that ‘D’ is in the same tour with us. I was really happy as well but I just can’t show it out. Did I mention we get a tour around the ship. The crew that gave us the tour was from Romania. She’s really good. She explain everything so that we would know more about the ship. But of course, nothing is free. We gotta pay 10 bucks for the tour.

1st ship –> Logos I
2nd ship –> Duolos
3rd ship –> Logos II
Recent –> Logos Hope

I took like 100 over pictures during the tour. I bought some books at the book fair. I also bought some souvenirs like pencils and neck-chain (the thing you can wear on your neck). I’m planning to go with my family again because there wasn’t really enough time this trip. I didn’t manage to eat at the cafe and see the CDs. Then around 2 pm, we went back to the church. ‘C’, ‘JO’ and me ate in a coffee shop. Then I walked home. I was super tired so I canceled my home tuition. ><

I walked to church again for the church youth service that happened every Saturday at 7:30 pm. I was a lil late. When the church service ends. ‘C’, ‘JO’ and me went to the mini mart nearby to buy some junk foods and drinks. After a while, ‘JO’ went home. So ‘C’ and me was sitting there talking and suddenly ‘D’ pass-by. ‘C’ said she heard him calling her name. Then we just continue talking. I was showing ‘C’ the videos I just downloaded in my handphone which is Replay by SHINee. Suddenly, ‘D’ came and he asked for my handphone. Then he started trying to dance like them (SHINee). Then we are like speechless over there. HAHA. I know most probably the main reason he came to talk to us was because he wants to talk to ‘C’ and get to know more about her. Then after ‘D’ went off, ‘C’ thought he went back already. So ‘C’ started asking, “Where is ‘D’? He went back already ah?” Then I just say “I don’t know.”


Eun Hyun

02082011 Excited!

2 Sep

It’s 3:52 am and I’m blogging here 🙂 I changed my rusted guitar strings to a branded guitar strings. HAHA. And I missed my korean drama (Bread,Love And Dreams) on tv at 8:30 pm. 😦 Anyways, I went shopping with my mom at FOS! 🙂 I bought 4 shirts, 4 pairs of socks and a black lacey ribbon hairpin. I also bought a tuner for my guitar. I came home around 10 pm.  Then, I used the laptop. I’m planning to download a few videos. I randomly click a piano tutorial for ‘0330’ by U-KISS and bamm! I like the piano version of the song!! 😀 So I tried playing it on my iPad, and I guess I can play a few parts of the song. I can only play the intro and the chorus part correctly. And my mom started saying, “See! There’s no need to go for piano classes.Lucky thing I didn’t let you go learn.” Then I’m like “=.=” LOL.

Actually my main topic was how excited I am for tomorrow. I’ll be going to the Logos Hope. Yes, they are in MALAYSIA~! wheeee >.< And the most awesome thing is,…I’ll be going with the church members~~~ But just hopefully ‘C’ doesn’t spoil my mood by keep bragging abouut the boys at church especially ‘D’. She doesn’t wanna admit that she like him. I know it wouldn’t make any difference whether she admit it or not,but still…it’s very obvious. She always goes ‘D’ here, ‘D’ there. I’ve told her before about him and that I like him. And now she’s gonna flirt with him~ Haih~ I don’t know what to do. I know he’ll probably choose ‘C’ than me. So, I guess I should just let him go~ :/


Eun Hyun 

31082011 National Day!

31 Aug

Yesterday, I went out with ‘C’, ‘N’, ‘W’ and another friend I’m not close to. I went to ‘C’s house to swim and then ‘N’ came. We went out together. It was really fun. I keep eating the chicken and cheese crepe (YUM!). And as usual, got a boy ask for ‘C’s phone number and she gave~ I really envy her. A lot of boys from the skating ring always ask for her number. Am I that ugly that none of them actually ask for mine..? Haihhh..what to do…I know I’m ugly… “I think I ugly, and nobody wants to love me, just like her I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty, don’t lie to my face, telling me I’m pretty~” *singing Ugly by 2NE1*  This outing is to celebrate her birthday. Anyway, today is my country’s national day~ GO MALAYSIA~~ Heheh..tomorrow, I’ll be taking exams for the singapore scholarship at the Traders Hotel. I don’t really feel like going Singapore to study anymore. But I’ll still try. If I pass,then only I’ll decide to go or not. If not, I’ll just stay in Malaysia with my family and friends. 🙂 the end for today. wish me luck 😀


Eun Hyun. 

28082011 Rainy Day!

28 Aug

Yesterday, I started my guitar class organize by my church’s youth. I waited for ‘JO’. We were late. We ended up in the same group with ‘D'(my crush @ church) and he’s our leader. I was super shock when I found out I’m in his group. :O But at  the same time, I’m SUPER HAPPY AS WELL~ He used to be a playboy. But I thought he’s just being friendly. Did I mention ‘C’ also likes him. But she just doesn’t wanna admit it. She likes almost all the boys in church. =.= Which make me really mad! Besides that, yesterday’s church service was awesome~ This song is nice. We sang this song yesterday and had alter call.

So today, it’s ‘C’s birthday. I text and wish her “Happy Birthday“. I also called her at 4 in the morning and played the ‘Happy Birthday’ song using the piano application on iPad. LOL! Ya..so just hope she have a great time. And I hope I can change to the better. :/ That’s all for today. 🙂


Eun Hyun.

20082011 Lazing Day!

20 Aug

Okay. So today, i feel so bored and lazy. I called the dancing class just now –> The Cat Studio. It’s the nearest dancing class and also the one ‘N’ is going now. When I called, they said the dancing class wasn’t full. That means ‘N’ doesn’t want me to go. That’s why she lied. But she can just tell me the truth right..sheessh..I can either take the dancing class on Tuesday at 8.45 pm or Sunday at 12.30 pm. ‘N’ go the one on Sunday. I’m trying to prevent from seeing her there. The only day I’m free is on Sunday as well. So now I don’t know what to do. I called ‘C’ to ask for her opinion because ‘C’ is really close to ‘N’. Haih..looks like I just have to confront her. She would definitely dislike me after I tell her that. She might go around telling people that I copied her and then they will start hating me. ‘W’ ask me to just go there cause the dancing class doesn’t belongs to her. But how? I need someone to tell me what to do. HAIH.. >.> I don’t wanna lose a friend. 😦 But I really wanna go. I asked ‘The Cat Studio’ if they can change time but still have it on Sunday, the woman said she’ll call me back. So now I’m still waiting for her to call but I wonder if she’ll ever call back…And btw, I’ll be going with ‘J’ for the dancing class.


Eun Hyun.