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Taecyeon got pranked!

9 Oct

LOL!!! Pity Taecyeon! The whole 2PM members were setting a prank on him! LMAO!! Jay Bom kept hitting Taecyeon with the fan! And Chansung licked Taecyeon’s arm! LOLOLOL! Poor Taecyeon got pranked. ><

SHINee, 2PM, & B2ST’s performances on ‘Music Japan’

29 Aug

The latest episode of NHK’s ‘Music Japan‘ hosted an all-star lineup of male K-idol groups currently promoting in Japan.

On August 28th, SHINee, 2PM, and B2ST performed “JULIETTE“, “I’m Your Man“, and “BAD GIRL” respectively, drawing screams from fangirls all throughout the show.

Check out their performances below!


< 2PM – “I’m Your Man” >

< B2ST – “BAD GIRL” >

Credit: allkpop

2PM’s Hands Up Album!

28 Aug

Hand Up Teaser :

Songs :


Give It To Me

Hands Up (East4A mix)

Hands Up

Signing Event For Hottest :

Hands Up Making Video in Singapore :

Part 1

Part 2

Wooyoung’s Birthday

PR Video For Hottest :


Photo Gallery :