26 Nov

Okay,…I have a crush on someone in church AGAIN! LOL! He’s so much better than the one I like before. At least he’s not a playboy -.- It was raining heavily just now. I took the umbrella and walk with ‘JO’ to church. I put the umbrella outside the church because it’s still a little wet. When the church service is over, I went home with my ex-tuition teacher. The minute I reach home, I realized I forgot to take my umbrella! So, I walk to the church with my grandma cause my parents aren’t at home (FYI, it’s at night so my ex-tuition teacher thinks it’s dangerous for me to walk home and so she fetch me home everytime after church service). When I reached the church, I suppose nobody will be there because it’s already almost 11pm. And it’s really embarassing because I forgot about my umbrella and walk all the way back there to take it. >< I told my grandma to wait and I went up to take the umbrella. Shockingly, HE was there!!! *_* At the same time, I’m happy~ ^.^ He asked me, “You haven’t go back ar?” Then I just smile. And take my umbrella. I’m blushing that time so I don’t dare to look at him. >///<  Then he asked, “You walking back?” then I answer “Yes”. I was hoping him to ask, “Do you want me to walk you back” or something like that… but he didn’t ;__: Anyway, so I walk down and walk back with my grandma. I’m not sure am I suppose to be happy or sad~ Haih,..even if he wanna walk me back, my grandma is there. LOL. The past 4 days, me and ‘JO’ have been stalking him. HEHE! xD We found out where he stay~ wheeee~ But still,…I’m not pretty….so impossible he’ll like me… ‘S’ said if it’s the guy who confess to you, he’ll like you more. And if you(girls) confess to guy, they won’t fully accept your love unless they like you as well. I guess he treats me like a normal friend and I’m just thinking too much…He have a girlfriend but I’m not sure if they’re still together cause they don’t seem to talk to each other in church. o.o What should I do?? Everytime I like a guy, they won’t like me back. And I don’t think they even know I like them~ 😥 Not like ‘C’…she have ‘D’ but they broke up already because ‘C’ don’t trust him and think it’s just a puppy love~ -.- She just don’t know how to appreciate~ WHAT SHOULD I DO?? If I confess, and he don’t accept my love, then it’ll be more worse. I’ll end up feeling really awkward with him………………………………….haih~~~~~~~ It’s okay,…….I have faith in God. If I have fate with him, we’ll sure be together someday. I’ll follow God’s will~ 🙂

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