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Dream High Behind The Scene!

9 Oct

Taecyeon was so cute~ Suzy and Eun Jung were cute in this video too~ The part where Eun Jung and Suzy ended up playing the ‘hi-5’ game. LOL! There’s one part in this video where Wooyoung did the ‘jelly’ leg dance and when Wooyoung and IU was at the karaoke, Wooyoung dance like a crazy dude! LMAO!!!

Sorry for only posting 1 videos. I have to stop using the Internet in a few hours time. And I have to practice the Dream High dance~Sorry again~

Taecyeon got pranked!

9 Oct

LOL!!! Pity Taecyeon! The whole 2PM members were setting a prank on him! LMAO!! Jay Bom kept hitting Taecyeon with the fan! And Chansung licked Taecyeon’s arm! LOLOLOL! Poor Taecyeon got pranked. ><

09102011 You Don’t Miss Your Water~

9 Oct

Hey hey~ Today I went shopping with my family. And when I was on my way home, I saw the moon. It was only 7pm but the moon had already appear? That’s weird to me. I downloaded the song, You Don’t Miss Your Water by Craig David before I went out. I listened to it in the car. I know the title of this song is a little bit weird,right? But the song is really nice. You know why? Because Taecyeon sang it (as in make a cover of this song). If Taecyeon likes the song, I’ll like the song too! >< This could be one of the song in his playlist. HEHE xP . And now currently I’m busy trying to learn the Dream High dance. It seems super easy to everyone but it’s hard for me…somehow. And I came across a video! HAHA I was laughng my ass off watching this video! It’s Taecyeon pretending to be a beggar and speaking in english. LOL! Can’t imagine right! And I think he’s at the airport. Here’s the video!

Please laugh your ass off!! LOL xP It was super funny at the last part because Taecyeon was saying “Come back!” to the guy who took his hat. And I think the guy was Nichkhun? I’m not sure if it was Nichkhun. Anyway, I’ll try to post some funny/behind the scenes video of Dream High!

Eun Hyun 

08102011 My dreams~

8 Oct

I’M BACK! 🙂 I’m currently using my mobile to blog this. So I don’t know how it’ll be like. xD Anyway, today’s topic is about my dreams. When I was young, I wish to be a teacher. But now I realize how hard it is to be a teacher. HEHE. Last year, I hope to be a novelist. I always reads my friends’ stories. Their stories were really interesting. My English isn’t as good as theirs. So I don’t wanna make a fool out of myself. @.@ Now, I hope I could be a good singer and dancer. But my hope is fading…because my voice isn’t that nice compare to my friends and my dancing is worse. :/

Anyway, I’ve decided to write a story in this blog. I haven’t got any idea of what I should name this story. I might take quite some time. And I just hope you would like it. 🙂