10092011 Breaking Dawn~

10 Sep

GAHHH!!! I’ve just watch the Twilight:Breaking Dawn trailer. I can’t wait to watch. But it’s gonna be the last Twilight show. 😦 Whee~ I wonder what will happen to Jacob. He is so hawwttt!!! Taylor Lautner is hawwwttt! ><

Today, I was suppose to go see the Kpop Talent Contest but…things didn’t work out well for me. I didn’t manage to wake up in time. I was suppose to wake up at 10 am but I ended up waking up at 1 pm -.- And also I was suppose to have tuition at 4 pm. So since I only can spend 3 hours there, I planned not to go. At the very last minute, my mom told me that there won’t be any tuition today. So I’m like really really depressss………….cause I could have gone to the Kpop Talent Contest.

At churh today, ‘JO’ and me were assigned to be in-charge for games and worships next week. I seriously have no idea what games to play and what song to sing. Then, ‘D’ wanted to walk ‘C’ home from church after church service because ‘C’ stayed really near. I feel…..so saddd…..I don’t think he would do that for me. Until now, I’m not really close to him and ‘C’ is like so close to him already until he wants to walk her home. Haihhh…what to do…maybe it’s fated already. I’m not mean to be with him. In the end, ‘C’ followed me home. My ex-tuition teacher fetched us home.

I’m thinking what should I do to upgrade my another blog. @.@ I need to make it more views. By the way, my another blog is all about KPOP!This blog is for me to write about my private stuff and a lil KPOP news with my comments. (p.s My friends doesn’t know about this blog. xD)


Eun Hyun 

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